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I scour North and South Carolina and create unique, decorative bowls from local burl, most of which I find myself. Each piece is cut into a block and carved into bowl shapes (I do not use a lathe). I sand and buff the wood to get it to feel like polished stone. Some are left with natural edges. In addition to the patterns made naturally from the dense burl I add geometric designs to some pieces with a wood burning tool.

The sizes vary from 4” – 16” in diameter

Gallery Partners


I was born 1945 in Cashiers, NC. At a very early age I began carving with my dads pocket knife on the wood provided by the forests of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I whittled on sticks, stumps, boards, roots and even my grandmother's apple trees.


After high school, I studied sculpting in Cincinnati, OH. There I received the world recognized Delaine Beaver Award for my work. I have won numerous carving competitions all over America and have taught carving and wood sculpting at schools throughout the eastern US.

I have lived in Greenville, SC since 1965 and spent most of those years specializing in wood work. My favorite basic style of wood carving is of American wildlife. My recent work has centered on stylized bowls made from local wood including rhododendron burls. I personally collect the wood from North and South Carolina. Each piece is made by hand and is unique and they come in many different sizes.



I am humbled and honored for the privilege to collaborate with such wonderful Galleries all across the Carolinas!
Please go by and visit my collections featured in their unique creative spaces.


The Millstone Gallery
221 E Rutherford St, Landrum SC


Karen Kennedy at Firefly Craft Gallery 

2689 Greenville Hwy, Flat Rock NC

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